Dec 7 / 2017
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Lady-Comp assists with safe, reliable and natural birth control and natural family planning. Birth control with Lady-Comp focuses mainly on the long-term health and well-being of the woman. Lady-Comp is not only a safe, reliable and natural birth control but also quick and easy to operate. Lady-Comp offers planning and preventing pregnancy without drugs or side-effects.

99.3% Accurate; Reliably indicates the Daily Fertility Diagnosis
Easy NFP-No Charting Required
Easy to use, only 30 seconds/day
Detailed Cycle Analysis
Integrated Pregnancy Test


Lady-Comp Baby assists with family planning and reduced fertility. The Lady-Comp Baby fertility computer assists couples in planning their families. Lady-Comp Baby is accurate and reliable with proven results!

99.3% Reliable, Natural Family Planning
Assists with Infertility
Advanced Cycle Analysis
Identifies Possible Contributing Factors
Gender Selection
Easy NFP-No Charting Required
Integrated Pregnancy Test



Pearly assists with safe, reliable and natural family planning. The Pearly fertility computer operates with the same advanced technology as the Lady-Comp but is designed for convenience in a pocket sized model. The Pearly is an affordable alternative, however, it does have a few less features then the Lady-Comp.

Lady-Comp Technology-Portable and Compact
Reliable NFP-No Charting
Accurately Indicates the Infertile and Fertile Days
Integrated Pregnancy Test
Easy to use, only 30 seconds/day


RaXMedical is dedicated to assisting women with instruction and counseling in all aspects of fertility awareness and Natural Family Planning.

  • Registered Nurse Available for Consultation
  • Unlimited Free Customer Support - Toll Free Number - 7 Day Email Support
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Low Monthly Payments. No Hidden Costs.
  • Ready to Ship, Never "Out of Stock"
  • Certified/Authorized Distributor-Proven Record of Service Excellence.
  • Customer Discounts on all Replacement Parts and Upgrades


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