Dec 7 / 2017
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Lady-Comp assists with safe, reliable and natural birth control and natural family planning. Birth control with Lady-Comp focuses mainly on the long-term health and well-being of the woman. Lady-Comp is not only a safe, reliable and natural birth control but also quick and easy to operate. Lady-Comp offers planning and preventing pregnancy without drugs or side-effects.

99.3% Accurate; Reliably indicates the Daily Fertility Diagnosis
Easy NFP-No Charting Required
Easy to use, only 30 seconds/day
Detailed Cycle Analysis
Integrated Pregnancy Test


Lady-Comp Baby assists with family planning and reduced fertility. The Lady-Comp Baby fertility computer assists couples in planning their families. Lady-Comp Baby is accurate and reliable with proven results!

99.3% Reliable, Natural Family Planning
Assists with Infertility
Advanced Cycle Analysis
Identifies Possible Contributing Factors
Gender Selection
Easy NFP-No Charting Required
Integrated Pregnancy Test



The newly released Pearly2 assists with safe, reliable and natural family planning. The Pearly2 ovulation monitor includes more basic features but calculates your daily fertility with the same advanced algorithms. It is designed for convenience as a light weight pocket sized model.

Lady-Comp Algorithms-Portable and Compact
Bluetooth Enabled
Accurately Indicates the Infertile and Fertile Days
Integrated Pregnancy Test
Easy to use, only 30 seconds/day


RaXMedical is dedicated to assisting women with instruction and counseling in all aspects of fertility awareness and Natural Family Planning.

  • Registered Nurse Available for Consultation
  • Unlimited Free Customer Support - Toll Free Number - 7 Day Email Support
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Low Monthly Payments. No Hidden Costs.
  • Ready to Ship, Never "Out of Stock"
  • Certified/Authorized Distributor-Proven Record of Service Excellence.
  • Customer Discounts on all Replacement Parts and Upgrades


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