The Lady-Comp Baby Monitor

The Lady-Comp Baby fertility computer assists couples in planning their families. Many couples experience much frustration and stress when trying to conceive a baby; especially those with reduced fertility. Joyful expectations may quickly turn to disappointment. In many cases, failure to conceive is not due to an irreversible state of infertility, but rather reduced fertility which may be related to a variety of factors. When a couple has reduced fertility, it is important that sexual intercourse takes place at the time of optimum fertility. Lady-Comp Baby indicates a forthcoming ovulation early and precisely. This allows you to determine both the required days of abstinence, which helps increase the amount and quality of the man`s sperm and the perfect day for sexual intercourse.


LadyComp Baby can ease the stress of conceiving by accurately pin-pointing your days of optimum fertility. Most Natural Family Planning methods require an intensive investment of time and effort to acquire results. Lady-Comp Baby invests the time and effort for you! Each Lady-Comp Baby fertility computer is equipped with a database of over 900,000 cycles. The temperature sensor accurately calculates the basal body temperature to 1/100th degree within 1 minute. Lady-Comp Baby is accurate and reliable with proven results!

Lady-Comp Baby Assists with Reduced Fertility

1. Lady-Comp Baby reliably indicates the fertile days helping you to get pregnant faster. Surveys among customers showed that 75% of women who were unintentionally childless, before finally became pregnant with the help of Lady-Comp Baby.

2. Lady-Comp Baby can provide a thorough cycle analysis revealing possible hormonal imbalances. This can serve as a valuable diagnostic tool for your gynecologist. Lady-Comp Baby can also assist you in planning for a much desired boy or girl! Although gender selection is not guaranteed, the predictive programming may increase your chances. Lady-Comp Baby is equipped with an Integrated Pregnancy Test which will confirm your pregnancy accurately after the 15th day from conception. Lady-Comp Baby also provides you with an accurate Expected Due Date. Lady-Comp Baby can be used between pregnancies as an accurate and reliable method of preventing pregnancy. According to Independent Clinical Studies documented by the manufacturer, Lady-Comp Baby was rated as 0.7 on the Pearl Index. In other words, it can provide 99.3% reliability of contraception on Green-Light Days.

Detects Ovulation Accurately-Indicates optimum dates for conception at the beginning of each new cycle.
Tracks sexual intercourse input.
Lady-Comp Baby indicates predicted fertility of the following six days.
Indicates best days for male and female gender probability.
Indicates possible pregnancy as early as 4-5 days.
Confirms pregnancy after 15 days.
Indicates conception date and expected birth date.
Provides a detailed Cycle Analysis; identifying possible reasons for reduced fertility.
Detects Monophasic Cycles(no ovulation) and Irregular Ovulation-Determines variance.
Disregards irregular temperature readings.

Lady-Comp Baby provides contraception and natural family planning.
Lady-Comp Baby is suitable for shift-workers.
Equipped with a power charger and integrated rechargeable battery.
Suitable for mothers with small children and irregular schedules

Easy to operate.
Only 30-60 seconds daily.
Red-light = fertile
Green-light = infertile
Yellow-light = (learning-consider as fertile)
Reliable alarm clock.
Easy analysis of the cycle - helpful for PMS and fertilization problems.

Cycle Statistics
Average Cycle Length
Average Temperature Rise
Ovulation Range
Length of Luteal Phase
Corpus Luteal Insufficiency

One time purchase.
Life expectancy- Over 7 years.
Very durable.
High quality.
Made in Germany.
No additional cost for test strips.
Download and Print Stored Data-Email for Expert Analysis of the Cycle Data.

Toll-Free Telephone and Email Support
Two year warranty
Free Consultation with a Registered Nurse


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